Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine
Product code TRNNAILDRILL07
Brand Trina
Piece 8680742438143
Product content


Ultra Smooth / Quiet / Vibration Free; Overload protection,
Effectively locking head; Variable speed Control,
FWD/REV Button to control direction of ratation,
Dimension : 17x12,7x7,8cm,
Packing include : 1 x Control Box, 1 x Handpiece, 1 x Foot Pedal, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x Stand For Handpiece, 6 x Nail Drill Bits and Nail Sanding.

Caution :

1. Do not work in humid place.
2. Always unplug if after use. 
*When the machine is not in use, all tools must be stored in  a dry location and keep away from children.
3. Do not change the tuning direction too frequenty; otherwise it will shorten the life of  the 
grinding head.
4. Do not start the motor at a high rotation speed. Start from the low speed and cahange it slowly
to the desired speed.
5. For your safety, do not exceed the rotation sped according to the type of bur.
6. Do not try to open / close the chuck handle during operation.
7. Any unauthorized disassembling of the product is not suggested in case of any breakdown.