Professional Electric Nail Drill Machine
Product code TRNNAILDRILL01
Brand Trina
Piece 8680742432097
Product content


1 - Input Voltage : AC 100-240v 50/60HZ

2 - Output Voltage : DC 3-18V

3 - Power : 30W

4 - Speed : 35000RPM

5 - Working Environment Humidity : It should be 30-75%.

6 - Working Environment Temperature : +10 °C~+40 °C


1 - Connect the power supply, the alternate light will flash, indicating that the product is ready to work.

2 - When you touch the on-off button, the function keys light up from top to bottom and the machine enters the standby state.

3 - When the forward and reverse buttons are touched, the machine will switch to working status. R represents reverse rotation and F represents forward rotation. Tap again to perform R/F conversion.

4 - “MAX” key is the 0-35 upshift key (RPM*1000), long press can continuously jump to 0 (RPM*1000), or adjust to the adjustment gear you want.

5 - When the “MIN” button is touched, it is the downshift button. 35-0 (RPM*1000), long press can continuously jump to 0 (RPM*1000) or adjust to the desired sprocket. 6- Press the power button again, at this time the machine stops working and the alternative light flashes, indicating that it is in standby mode.

7 - When you do not use the machine for a long time, please unplug the power cord.


  • 3/32'' 4 pieces spare nail drill bits
  • High Performance Handpiece : Lighter aluminum alloy material anables heat to dissipate faster with cooling hole design.
  • High Speed 0-35000 RPM (Forward & Reverse): Adjustable speed & easy to change direction of rotation.
  • Control button : sensitive touch key design, easy to use, high-grade!
  • Mainframe panel : Curved screen, perfect radian, comfortable feeling!