Nascita Makeup Brush Set (24 Pcs)
Product code NASBRUSHSET4
Brand Nascita
Piece 8697415315021
Piece Width 25.00 cm
Length 10.50
Height 4.50
Weight 373.00 gr
Content 1.00 piece
Product content

Nascita Makeup Brush Set (24 pcs)

It stands out with its natural bristle structure in leather bags. It has an ergonomic structure with smoked color handles.

Set Content:
There are 24 different featured professional makeup brushes and makeup bags. Each brush is shipped in special protective packaging.

1-Wide Shape Bronzer Brush
2-Blush Brush
3-Powder Brush
4-Trend Foundation Brush
5-Narrow Shaped Blush Brush
6-Concealer Brush
7-Trendy Concealer Brush
8-Shading Brush
9-Fixing Brush
10-Trend Shading Brush
11-Headlight Brush
12-Wide Fixing Brush
13- Highlighter Brush
14-Wide Shape Lip Brush
15-Lip Brush
16-Eyeliner Brush
17-Trendy Eyeliner Brush
18-Trendy Lip Brush
20-Detail Eyeliner Brush
21-Eyelash Brush
22-Eyebrow Comb Brush
23- Trendy Eyeshadow Brush
24-Headlight Brush