Nascita Basic Face Makeup Kit (5 Pcs)
Product code NASBRUSHSET99
Brand Nascita
Piece 8680742437061
Product content


#315 - BLUSH BRUSH. It is used for powder and blush application. Thanks to its oval bristle structure, it helps to apply make-up products easily and evenly to the skin.
#316 - CONCEALER BRUSH. It is used to apply powder and liquid based concealer products to many areas of the face. It is ideal for covering redness, blemishes and discoloration in the under-eye and facial area.
#317 - HIGHLIGHTER BRUSH. Thanks to its wide structure, it is ideal for applying highlighter to narrow and wide areas of the face.
#318 - FOUNDATION BRUSH. Suitable for liquid and cream based foundation application. It is used to distribute the foundation evenly on large points of the face such as under-eyes, nose and forehead.
#FS88 - MAKEUP SPONGE. It is used to apply liquid make-up products evenly to wide and narrow areas of the face. It does not contain rubber raw materials. It is odorless.